Dr Arran Schlosberg
MBBS FFCI(UK) MPhil BCom(Actuarial)
About Me

A Googler since Oct 2016, I‘ve written code ranging from risk analytics to mob­ility insights. An avid Go nerd, I also teach the language to fellow Googlers.


Although my focus lies in infor­matics, for which I‘m recognised as a Fellow of the FCI, I hold both GMC and AHPRA registration.

VC & Entrepreneurship

Originally the co-founding CTO of HealthMatch, a VC-backed platform matching patients to clinical trials, I‘m now a Venture Partner with Healthcare Ventures.


I love exploring underwater, hanging with octopuses, and the chal­lenge of honing my dive technique. I‘m a Divemaster and recently dis­covered the joys of sidemount.

Computational art

I make pretty pictures and swirly timepieces with maths and code.

Everything else

Chuck Norris wrote about me in his book—first he threatened to sue me.

Get in Touch
  • Email me@arranschlosberg.com
  • Phone +44 7490 39 8787